What We Offer

Effect Lighting

Effect Lighting are generally defined as lights that use multiple beams and motion in order to create a desired effect. Effect lighting is intended to enhance a show, not to illuminate a particular area or person. BeatMaster Mobile’s pristine lighting design will turn every corner of the hall alive. We transform the ordinary into extraordinary!

Wash Lights

Wash lighting is used to create an overall ambient lighting scheme. It transforms a plain white wall to a different color. Wash lights project a handful of colors and subtle color shifts from thousand of color combinations and multiple lenses. BeatMaster Mobile’s Wash Lights will surely add emotions to your party and make it unforgettable .


Uplights are ideal for lighting walls, drapes and venue features. These lights can be placed around the edge of the room to light the whole area in a color of your choice. This method of lighting is one of the easiest ways to dress up an event area. The effect can be quite dramatic and can help define a space and add color and dimension to any area. This is the goals of BeatMaster to your event. We have perfected the art of illuminating the walls from floor to ceiling using our Up-lighting gears.

Spot Lights

They are used to projects a bright beam of light onto a performance space. It illuminates a particular person or area in a narrow beam that does not bleed light into surrounding areas. BeatMaster will make sure that everything is perfect from your music to your lighting effects.
Strobe effects use a pulsing white light beam to create a visual stuttering effect similar to viewing old-time films. 

Moving Heads and Scanners

These are lighting fixture in which the entire optical system, including gobo wheels, lamps, prisms, etc. move with the emitted beam. Moving Head’s awesome array of effects can create a complete, jaw-dropping light show. Scanners uses a moving mirror to animate projected beams. 


Laser effects produce very intense single-color beams and often include built-in display programs as well as sound-activated functions using a built-in mic. Motorized units allow scanning and burst effects, and the inclusion of gobos can create patterned laser beams. Our advanced laser effect fixtures can produce 3-D effects and detailed backdrops, skyscapes, and much more. Lasers are especially effective when used in conjunction with fog machines.

Gobo Lighting / ProjectOGram / Slideshow

BeatMaster Mobile adds an extra “Wow!” to your event! We project custom welcome and thank you messages, patterns, and images onto surfaces. We also accept picture slideshows or animated monograms. 

Back Lights

BeatMaster Mobile’s back light effects emphasizes its user with the use of multi-colored effect.